What we missed at NeoCon 2009

By Building Experts Team

Where have all the architects and designers gone?  Well if you’ve had a tough time getting in touch with you’re A+D friends this week they just might be at the NeoCon World’s Fair.  NeoCon 2009 began Monday in Chicago and showcased thousands of the hottest new products and resources for the corporate, hospitality, health care, retail, government, institutional and residential interiors.

NeoCon is the annual event that brings together top minds in interior design and architecture including the International Interior Design Association’s International Conference, American Society of Interior Designers National Conference and so many other exhibits and sensory design experiences.

If you weren’t at NeoCon this week then you missed MOMA senior curator, Paola Antonelli’s keynote speech about the evolution of architecture and deign as a result of “momentous changes in technology, science and society, and to convert them into objects and ides that people can understand and use.”

Among the new products that were unveiled and showcased this week include:

  • The Wave Wall from 3form, a modular system of easily transportable wave-shaped panels that connect to give a 3D effect.
  • The Dorma Magneo is a new magnetic entrance system designed for all building types and its low energy and is smart enough to detect any obstructions preventing injuries.
  • Hum. Minds at Work. from Kimball Office is an adaptable, collaborative workspace that fuse together, personal work space, multi-use space and sleek design.

There’s still time to be a part of the Fair. Everyone was ga-ga over the trabasa by IdeaPaint, and understandably. Tweet your sketch request to @mdctabrasa.

Want to see more? Here’s a great photo album from @tiffanygholar who’s in attendance at #NeoCon09. Speaking of #NeoCon09, everyone using the hashtag on Twitter was featured on this screen at the Fair:

12717960 What we missed at NeoCon 2009

Bet you wish you were there? We do…

pixel What we missed at NeoCon 2009

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