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By Building Experts Team

Why do we love lists? Because they keep on giving, and we have more for you.

Last week, we covered the 5 best building and sustainability wrap-ups of 2011 around the blogosphere. This week, we tackle the design space. Contractors, architects, designers and remodelers are constantly challenging themselves to create powerfully designed interiors for modern homes, businesses and municipalities alike, a new breed that refuses to view beauty and performance as mutually exclusive. The same rules apply as last week: To know where the industry is going in 2012, you must have a strong grasp of what themes drove 2011. Here’s our picks for the best 5 summaries of 2011′s most important design trends:

  1. Interior Design Magazine’s top 10 of 2011 – Wow. Just wow. The definitive interior design publication highlights their top 10 articles of the year, including 3 “Best of Years” articles for office renovation, fashion retail space and kitchen.
  2. Design Milk’s 2011 year in review: Best of interior design – Let your mind run wild! Design Milk always finds interiors that push the boundaries. Here are their top ones from 2011.
  3. People’s Choice: Top 10 most popular Curbed posts of 2011 - Curbed is a favorite site of ours for keeping a pulse on design, but their editorial team also does a fabulous job of uncovering projects that break from tradition, challenge the status quo and rethink the norm. Their top 10 most viewed posts of 2011 is almost a highlight reel of these types of projects.
  4. Freshome’s 20 most popular projects presented in 2011 – is one of the sites we go to when we want to see truly breathtaking design. Each of these 20 aspirational projects could lay the seed for the next new powerfully designed interior.
  5. BUILDER’S 10 top design trends of 2011 – Amy Albert highlights 10 trends supporting a key overarching theme of 2011: Innovative responses to the shifting priorities brought on by economic conditions and tough times.

OK, your turn: What design trends influenced your work in 2011? What “trends of the day” will continue to inspire you this year?

By Building Experts Team

The beginning of a new year always brings thoughtful reflections on the year that has just passed. The building industry is no different, and our team of industry experts spent some of their time off around the holidays doing the very same thing. To find out what’s to come in 2012, they first had to review the most important news of 2011. Here are 5 articles that guided our thinking. It’s the great list of lists: The top 5 wrap-ups of 2011’s biggest stories.

  1. HousingZone’s top 11 stories for 2011 – HousingZone editors highlight the top housing news and trends for the year, breaking out their most popular stories based on web traffic.
  2. Curbed’s 10 weirdest, strangest houses on the market in 2011 – Curbed editor Rob Bear digs up the most eye-popping homes he saw on in the real estate listings last year. A great read for some inspiration… or maybe just fascination.
  3. BUILDER’s 10 most popular articles of 2011 – Clair Easley reveals the top 10 most popular articles from BuilderOnline’s Reader’s Choice Awards. No less than 6 of our votes made the list. Can you guess which ones?
  4. Top 10 Jetson Green Articles of 2011 – Jetson Green is always at the top of our RSS feed reader. This recap highlights the top 10 stories on sustainable building, eco-building and green technology based on retweets, Facebook shares and Google +1s.
  5.’s 10 biggest green building stories of 2011 – Paula Melton recaps a huge year for the green building industry with the top 10 most-read articles in Environmental Building News.

Help us add to our list. Post a link to a 2011 recap you read in the blogosphere over the last few weeks.

By Social Marketing Team

Last week brought us the typical mid-month barrage of economic data and industry analysis. And while statistics are always open to interpretation, we’re feeling upbeat this Monday. Here are 5 economic indicators that could signal good times ahead for the industry.

Strong increase in residential permit sales – Claire Easley (

Very strong. Sales of multi-family permits are up 63% over 2010, their highest level in 3 years. Single-family permits, which make-up about 70% of the residential construction industry, also increased 6.6% over the last year.

Architecture Billings Index (ABI) moving in the right direction – Sarah Firshein (Curbed)

Technically, the ABI measures the demand for architecture and design services. In reality, it’s a leading indicator of what construction spending will look like 9-12 months from now. Although the October ABI continued the long decline it began back in 2010, the rate of contraction is slower and new project starts were up 3% over September.

Construction Fuel Consumption Up in October –

Probably the best indicator of current construction activity, the Wright Express Fuel Consumption Index reported that construction firms consumed – and thus burned – 0.9% more fuel in October 2011 than the year before.

Construction backlog stays above 8 months – Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC)

Only in the quirky world of economic forecasting do terms like “backlog” mean something positive. Here’s the deal: If the construction backlog indicator is over 8 months, then construction spending is likely to increase in the next year. If it’s under 8 months, then spending is likely to decrease.  The higher backlog rate was a major reason why ABC forecasts a 2.4% increase in construction spending next year.

Thanksgiving holiday travel set for record high – AAA Travel Views

In what some see as a sign of economic recovery – or at least consumer confidence – Americans are expected to travel more this Thanksgiving holiday season, increasing to a record 42.5 million travelers up from a 2008 low of just 37.8 million travelers.

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