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By greeniq

FTC Five Considerations for Becoming an FTC abiding Company

1. Support the claim, or lose it.

Green, eco-friendly, recyclable, free-of….  These terms mean a lot more than one would think. Time to make room for a long list of scientifically backed data to support these claims.

2. Original labeling requires explanation.

If you created your own-first party certification or labeling system, you must disclose that it’s original to you and substantiate the claims you make.

3. Certifications are endorsements.

If you have a material relationship with any third-party certifier, you must disclose.

4. Third party certification is not a rite of passage.

Third-party certification does not eliminate a marketer’s obligation to have substantiation for all conveyed claims.

5. Choose your message wisely.

Renewable materials, renewable energy and carbon-offset claims are all under scrutiny. Message with care.

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