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By Home IQ Team

We had a great discussion via Twitter on #KBISraw during the second day of KBIS. We received a number of questions from top kitchen and bath brands who wanted insights from interior designers. Their questions touched on a variety of topics: product features, design trends, the economy’s impact on the industry, and more.

We want to extend the conversation and allow you to weigh in with your honest feedback, too. Take a look at the questions below and if you see one (or all) that you have a strong opinion about, share your responses in a comment on the post. You have a chance to impact future product offerings and the way kitchen and bath companies do business. Brands are listening to you – speak up!

Q1. What do you consider timeless design in the appliance space?

Q2. Are white appliances possibly making a comeback with the trend of all-white kitchens?

Q3. What is the one finish or dimension of sink that you (or clients) are asking for and no one is manufacturing?

Q4. Given 3 years of economic uncertainty, would you say the key driver of purchase decision is price/value or design/desire?

Q5. What are your clients’ top 3 criteria for a kitchen renovation?

Q6. When selecting countertops, how do you prioritize recommendations/purchase decision: color, price, durability?

Q7. Designers, do you/your clients sincerely care about sustainability? How much of an impact does it have on your purchases?

Q8. How do you feel about knockoffs? Should there be more industry pushback? Is there a perceived value for genuine design?

Q9. Do you find that clients specifically ask for products made in the USA? How important is it to them?

Q10. What is the top client request not being addressed by cabinet manufacturers?

Q11. What product ideas did you see at KBIS that have the most sales potential?

Q12. How do cabinetmakers differentiate beyond new product/price to sell more product to their market?

Q13. What are your top 3 reasons for your continued loyalty toward a particular brand?

Please indicate which question you are responding to by labeling answers. For example, A1. before response to Q1.

Thanks in advance for taking part in the conversation and sharing your insights.

Top 5 Events at KBIS 2011

By Home IQ Team

There’s been a lot of buzz on Twitter about the events that will take place during KBIS 2011. We’ve had our eye on five of them in particular, and most of them allow you to tune in even if you won’t be at the show.

1. Live #IntDesignerChat with Guest Host Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson has a long list of credentials: Director of Architect Relations & Education for Masco Cabinetry, FAIA architect, NKBA Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) and AIBD Professional Building Designer. He’s more than qualified to host this week’s Interior Design Chat on Twitter. He’ll be live tweeting about Generational Design for Kitchens from KraftMaid booth C4537 and MerillatPro booth C4638. You can follow along Tuesday, April 26 at 3pm PT. This was the most tweeted-about KBIS event over the weekend, and anticipation is bound to keep buzz high. There should be a great conversation flowing, so don’t miss this weeks’ chat!

2. Merillat Kitchens Cooking Demonstrations with Chef Curtis Stone

Merillat spokesperson Curtis Stone will put on cooking demonstrations and giving autographs in booth #C4638. This event is creating a lot of buzz on the #KBIS stream, and there’s plenty of opportunities to take part. There will be demonstrations and autograph sessions on both Tuesday, April 26 and Wednesday, April 27. Check out the full schedule and make sure one of the sessions is on your to-do list.

3. Live broadcast of MyFixitUpLife

Mark & Theresa, the husband-and-wife team and hosts of MyFixitUpLife, are DIY experts with professional contracting backgrounds. They’ll be broadcasting their radio show from the AirKing booth Wednesday, April 27 at 3pm PT. If you haven’t heard their show before, you’re missing out. While you’re en route to Las Vegas for the show, check out their website and listen to some of their shows online.

4. Best of KBIS Competition

The top products at KBIS will receive the recognition they deserve on Wednesday, April 27 at 1:30pm PT. Drop in on booth #C6992 during your downtime at the show to vote for your top picks. Take a look at the products up for awards; which do you think are the biggest contenders?


The final event on our list actually takes place on Twitter. Whenever you find something that you think needs to be highlighted for your KBIS followers, you can call out the product, brand, location and add #KBMUSTSEE. Each hour during the show, one of these tweets will be randomly selected by @kb_resource. Winners will receive a Starbucks gift card, which will definitely come in handy to perk up and prepare for (or recover from) lots of walking around the show floor. It will be interesting to see how many products receive multiple suggestions as a “must see” item.

There will undoubtedly be lots to see and do at KBIS 2011. What are you most looking forward to? If it didn’t make our list, leave a comment or tweet at us @IMREHomeIQ.

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