Futuristic Kitchens: The Best Products You Can’t See

By Chris Thiede

In my last IMRE Home IQ post, I wrote about color, and how brightly colored appliances and utensils can create a dramatic visual effect in the kitchen. But there is another trend that is just the opposite: products that mimic other products, blend into the background, or otherwise disappear.

A stunning example of this trend was shown at the 2011 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas. The Kitchen Concept 2015 by Hettich demonstrated the possible future of the kitchen, with appliances, plumbing, media and storage all blending seamlessly into black monoliths.

If you missed it at K/BIS, watch the below video – it’s straight out of The Jetsons:

While Hettich displayed a full concept, there are other, more practical examples of this trend that are available now, rather than sometime in the future.

  • Induction cooktops, like this one from Wolf, mount flush to the countertop and have no knobs or dials
  • Clean glass shower enclosures that are almost invisible to show off the beautiful tile or stone
  • Refrigerators with door panels that match the cabinetry

Bathrooms, and especially kitchens have been about showing off for decades; a person loves to show their friends and neighbors their beautiful appliances, countertops and cabinets.

Though some have been around for a while, products that virtually disappear might signal a new trend for people who like clean, uninterrupted lines, minimal clutter, and most of all, technology.

Is the Hettich kitchen the wave of the future?

UPDATE: Blogger Kitchen Mogul at Kitchen Design Think Tank uncovered a different approach to the Futuristic Kitchen. It brings new meaning to the term “kitchen table.” Check it out.

pixel Futuristic Kitchens: The Best Products You Can’t See

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