Why Sports Apparel Brands should be on Pinterest

By Meghann Malone

pinterest e1336071968812 Why Sports Apparel Brands should be on PinterestIt started out very innocently about a year ago on the recommendation of my friend and fellow clotheshorse, Jen.

“Check out this new website,” she said. “It’s a fun way to pass time while fulfilling your love of clothes.”

So I did. Within a month, what started as a “fun way to pass time” in check-out lines and waiting rooms, had become a full-blown addiction.

Hi. My name is Meghann, and I’m a pin-aholic. I look to Pinterest on a daily basis for inspiration on everything from feeding my family and reaching my fitness goals to decorating my home, and yes, filling my closet. But the increasingly popular online pin board is more than just an addiction that feeds my love of good food and pretty clothes. As a trend-conscious woman who works in communications, Pinterest is also my of-the-moment marketing tool obsession.

Why? Since being founded in 2010, Pinterest has become the third most popular social networking site in the U.S. with 12 million users. It has turned into a powerful tool for retailers and brands for strategically segmenting consumers, connecting and engaging with purchase decision makers, and converting web visitors and followers into customers. In fact, Pinterest now drives more revenue per click than Facebook and Twitter.

I’m living proof of this. I’m constantly accessing my pin boards from the grocery store, mall and home improvement store for a bit of creative motivation. Guess what that means (besides the fact that I obviously need a pin-tervention)? I tend to buy many of the brands that I pin, especially when it comes to fashion. I guess you could say I’m a brand addict, too – music to the ears of any brand marketer!

Given that fashion is one of Pinterest’s top three most popular categories, I’m surprised more sports apparel brands haven’t hopped on the pin board bandwagon. Golf and tennis in particular are two of sports’ most fashionable games, but popular brands like Lady Hagen and Fila have yet to establish a formal presence on the site. Additionally, a vast majority of women prefer to wear athletic apparel while running errands, so the sports apparel market is arguably relevant to a vast majority of Pinterest’s predominantly female demographic.

Because Pinterest is still relatively new, and continues to gain consumer traction with each passing month, the time is now for apparel brands to capitalize on a huge opportunity to engage with women – who also happen to spend a whopping 80 percent of sports apparel dollars.

Sports apparel manufacturers of the world, I ask you this: if there are millions of women just like me on Pinterest with a penchant for pinning the perfect outfit, even if its just for a round of golf or a trip to the store, don’t you think it’s time we become addicted to your brands, too?

pixel Why Sports Apparel Brands should be on Pinterest

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